About us

The company

Concept Advice SL is a company founded in 2014 with more than 20 years of experience in the plastic sector. Was born by the principal necessity to specialize with the rheological analysis in order to provide a professional, deep and detailed service in the plastic injection studies.

Concept Advice SL also offers other services as the product design and optimization, mould engineering and construction, and the injection process follow-up until the homologation.

Company values

At Concept Advice we believe in the values of humility and honesty, the good work with professionalism and will, to be able to develop our labor with passion and enthusiasm.

We define ourselves as a professional company that has earned the trust of its customers through the Customization, Efficiency, Proximity and Quality



“Study the plastic injection processes with depth and rigor at a competitive price, so that any company can start a project with an optimized design, mould and process."



“To be an international pioneer company in the studies of the plastic injection."